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Cargo Handling Ltd. (hereinafter CH) is a company founded in 1993, providing cargo handling and various warehousing services. The sole shareholder of CH is ACE Logistics Group that owns different logistics businesses in the Baltic States, including AS Air Cargo Estonia and AS Air Proxy in Estonia.

The goal of AS Cargo Handling is to provide quality cargo handling and warehousing services together with customs terminal and customs warehouse facilities for international air carriers and trucking companies, forwarders and companies handling international trade. CH uses modern storing premises in the cargo centre of Tallinn Airport, at Kesk-Sõjamäe 10A.

For fast and safe serving of customers we have acquired modern warehouse furniture and equipment. The company holds a licence for both operating a customs terminal and a public customs warehouse.

Since the beginning of 1999 the company holds a quality certificate that meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard, issued by an internationally recognised certifying agency Det NorskeVeritas.

Our customers include: airlines (Scandinavian Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo, Air Baltic, Lithuanian Airlines, ELK-Lennuliinid, UPS Cargo, FedEx Express, time:matters) trucking companies, forwarding companies, businesses using complete warehouse service, such as the Estonian branch of Herlitz PBS, a German wholesales company selling school and office supplies, Profiil Pluss AS,a Estonian wholesales company selling furniture supplies, etc.

As of 31.06.2004 the company has 28 employees.

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