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-   Complete warehousing and distribution service for the wholesaler of stationery and school supplies.
-   Humax Electronics Co. Ltd. manufacturer of satellite tuners
-   Temporary storage of goods in assistance of the wholesaler of goods of primary need
-   Short-term need of a wholesaler for the storage of 1000 EUR pallets of goods in bonded warehouse facilities.
Homepage Useful Case studies Complete warehousing and distribution service for the wholesaler of stationery and school supplies.
Complete warehousing and distribution service for the wholesaler of stationery and school supplies.

We started the cooperation with Anobion Wholesales, the importer of the German company Herliz selling stationery and school supplies at the end of 1999. Their reason for outsourcing warehousing and distribution services was the need to focus on their main activity - sales. For this purpose it was decided to outsource all the activities concerning the physical handling of goods to a company specialising in it. In addition to the ordinary international transport and customs clearance services also warehousing and domestic distribution services were outsourced.

In order to start the cooperation in warehousing complete inventory control was carried out. The goods were placed to the warehouse of small items of  Cargo Handling on 1000 different storing locations, securing efficient pick- and- pack activities in consolidating the shipments for distribution. In addition bigger quantities of certain commodities (i.e. napkins and packing paper) were stored on pallet shelves. Their list of commodities involves 3000 different items, majority of which is changed within a year. Goods are taken into warehouse 2-3 times a month by full trailer loads, about 30 shipments are sent our every day with an average weight of 30 kilos per shipment.

Anobion Wholesales uses financial software for purchase and sales;  Cargo Handling uses separate software for rendering warehousing services. The information on goods moving in and out is exchanged via Internet using EDI matching the two software programmes. Warehouse software receives and opens messages automatically and saves the necessary information. As the sales invoice accompanies the goods shipped out from the warehouse, the electronically sent information involves all details printed on the invoice, some of which are mandatory for warehouse activities: code of commodities, number of units, consignee and delivery time.

The warehouse is liable for the time of pick-and- pack and distribution. E.g. the orders received by 11 a.m. on a weekday shall be picked and packed by 2 p.m. and delivered to the consignees in Tallinn within the working hours of the same day. The orders received in the afternoon shall be delivered by 2 p.m. the next working day.

Starting in May 2001 we are implementing a joint sales-logistics software programme, replacing the two separate programmes we used earlier. Anobion Wholesales deals with the modules of purchase and sales and Cargo Handling with the one of warehousing. The server with the software will be located in a separate hardware company, thus the joint programme works via Internet. Besides the basic modules the customers of Anobion Wholesales  will have the possibility to order goods via Internet direct from the warehouse according to their specific sales conditions without the intermediary services of a salesperson.

According to Anobion Wholesales the year of cooperation has justified their decision and facilitated their development through many aspects, the most important of them being:

  • Possibility to focus on core activities;
  • Release of current assets on the account of main assets, which were directed into the development of core activities;
  • Current costs have replaced fixed costs. During the period of passive sales the logistics- related costs are lower than during the period of active sales (beginning of school- year, Christmas).
  • Up-to-date and high quality services. The company rendering logistics services is developing constantly and offers new solutions for faster and more efficient distribution.
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