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We provide cargo handling and warehousing services for international air carriers and trucking companies as well as forwarders. Our customers are able to store their goods in the customs terminal, in the public warehouse or in the warehouse for cleared goods. In addition to physical handling of goods the service package includes managing of documents and information and their forwarding to shipping companies or directly to their customers. 

Cargo Handling launch new service, the screening, for our customers. Our co-operators are Tallinn Airport and Falck Eesti.

The providing of services is based on IATAís (International Air Transportation Association) regulations on handling goods, information and documents. 


- transportation + customs clearing + storing service + delivery

Together with the forwarding company Air Cargo Estonia we offer complete logistics solutions (international transportation, customs brokerage service, storing of goods, value added services, delivery) to businesses in which CH handles everything related to storing and handling the goods in the logistics chain.


To whom? To companies handling trade and industry that need to maintain a warehouse in the logistics chain.

What are the available warehouse alternatives? Customs terminal, customs warehouse, warehouse of cleared goods, and a combination of the above mentioned.

What does the warehouse service consist of?

  • Acceptance of goods, inspection of their quantity and condition compliance
  • Entering of information on the received goods in the warehouse database 
  • Placing of the goods in the warehouse and storing of the goods
  • Composing of shipments according to the customerís orders 
  • Marking of goods (bar code stickers, manuals, etc.) 
  • Value added procedures of goods (preparation for sales, packaging, testing, etc.) 
  • Handing over of goods or delivery of goods to the end-user at the destination 
  • Preparation of reports and statistics (inventory, quantity of stored goods, warehouse movements, etc.). 

What are the advantages of using a warehouse service?

  • The customer is relieved from all issues and problems related to storing of goods 
  • Expenses related to storing of goods are directly related to quantity of the stored goods and work procedures carried out Ė that way it is simple and clear to measure the expenses and the expenses turn from fixed expenses to variable expenses 
  • Capital is no longer tied into warehouse buildings, funds or human resources 
  • he customer can focus on its main field of activity 
  • The customer can rely on the quality of storing, as the warehouse operatorís liability is defined in the agreement between the parties 
  • Total storing expenses decrease. 
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